Our brandname Flootzer consists a couple of products. We produce and sell Flootzer cable floats, pipe floats, hose floats and pontoon floats. The floats are made for buoyancy support of your cables, pipelines and hose. But also pontoons can be supported by extra buoyancy. All our products are inflatable, so they are easy to carry.

We already have more than 45 years of experience in producing oilbooms and inflatable cable floats. The Flootzer is a high quality product which can extend high temperatures and pressures. Before selling our products we conduct thorough test . The tests will be done to ensure a decent product.

Flootzer Cable float

The floaters which are used for the extra buoyancy of cables, pipelines and hoses appear as different names. Think about cable floats, pipe floats and hose floats. The principle is easy as they all have the same effect. At Sailmaker De Wit we named them the Flootzer cable float.

There are two different types of cable floats available. The first one consists of two inflatable floats. The pipeline, hose or cable is placed between the two cylinders. Cables, pipelines and hoses are simply kept in place due to the cylinders.

Flootzer cable float 600

The second type of cable float is the one which consists of one inflatable cylinder. Pipelines, cables or hoses are placed underneith the floater. This Flootzer is mostly used for heavy circumstances.

Flootzer Pontoon float

Besides making cables floats we also make pontoon buoyancy support. Usually, a pontoon does not require any additional buoyancy, but in some cases it is necessarily. The pontoon floats are custom made as all the pontoons have the same dimension. This inflatable product can be used several times. When the product is deflated it does not require a lot of space.

Flootzer pontoon float

Inflatable floats

All our inflatable floats can be found on the website. If you want more information about a specific product, do not hesitate to contact us. For each situation a suitable float is available. Even when the weight is very low an opportunity is here. Foam floats may be the outcome.