Cable Float

Keep your pipelines, cables and hoses afloat with our Flootzer cable float. This product is available in different types. The names of this can be different too. It is possible that you will see this product named as cable float, pipe float or hose floats. The brandname we use is Flootzer cable float. The Flootzer can be used for pipelines, cables and hoses.

All our Flootzer are inflatable floaters. The big advantage of inflatable floaters is, that they do not use a lot of space. Only when you are at the workspace the floats must be inflated. Due to our years of experience we can produce strong cable floats. The cylinders are made of strong PVC material and can extend high pressures.


                    Flootzer cable float 600


The Flootzer cable float is normally used at shallow waters. At lakes and near the coast you will see these floaters the most. Cables, pipelines and hoses are transported from land to ship via the cable floats. Using inflatable floaters the pipes, hoses and cables do no longer have to be dragged across the bottom.

Flootzer cable, pipeline and hose floats

When looking at above pictures two types are shown. Each project is unique so at every situation we have to look at which type we can use. In most cases the Flootzer Cable Float 600, which is the one with two inflatable cylinders, is used. This one can carry a weight up to 600 kilogram.

For further information about our Flootzer cable floats do not hesitate to contact us. Whether the project is on big scale or it is just a small project, we can give you some advice about the floaters. The inflatable cable floats are easy to carry. If the weight of your cable, pipeline or hose is very low an other oppurtinity is available. The possibility of using foam floats may be an outcome.