About us

Sailmaker De Wit started in 1971 as an one-man business. In the first years the production of sails was our main goal. We started to produce sails for (competition)sailboats, motorboathoods and cabriolethoods.

After 10 years we decided to change our branch. We were no longer working for our watersport clients, but the industrialwork field was our new main goal. This change was definitely a good decision. After the workfield change, business prospered.

Shortly after the start of our company we were busy with the production of oilbooms too. It is a small step towards the production of cable floats. The Flootzer cable floats were made of the same strong PVC material. Nowadays we already have more than 45 years of experience in the production of oilbooms and cable floats.

Sailmaker de Wit